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 Insurance Resources 

Living in Montana, we know how rugged and unforgiving Mother Nature can be.  While we are spared hurricanes our state is large enough to experience most other risks including:  Harsh winters, wildfires, flooding, hail, wind and even earthquakes


While we have adapted to many of these conditions, we can't stop them all.  Consider these exposures we all face:   

  • Six of the top 10 wildfire years have occurred since 2003 (Montana is always in the top 10 states for number of wildfires and acres burned)

  • For chance of hitting a deer, Montana ranks second with 1 in 63 drivers at risk. 

  • Floods are the #1 cause of natural disaster in the US and the average claim exceeds $35,000!

  • Montana ranks #8 for states with earthquake activity (associated with faults stretching from Yellowstone to Flathead Valley).


Also, let's not forget other daily risks to our family and property including:  

  • Automobile collisions

  • Water losses in the home

  • Kitchen fires

  • Theft and losses to electronics


We provide several professional resources to help you gauge your risk while also proposing steps you can take to reduce your risk including customized insurance products .


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