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Homeowners Insurance Information

At Tamarack Insurance we recognize that your family is what makes your house a home.  Too often we can forget the importance of fire safety or the need to maintain the home to prevent loss of property and our level of comfort.  


House fires represent the most expensive homeowners insurance claim while water damage represents the most frequent (and still costly) claim.  Many of these losses are easily prevented.  

Below we provide several resources to help increase your awareness of some safety tips with which you can refamiliarize yourself and share with your family.    


At Tamarack we have products and advice that can help you maintain, monitor and protect your investments. 

Homeowners Insurance - basics that you need to know

Home Maintenance education

Prevent water losses:

  1. Make sure your water pressure is not set too high. For about $5, you can purchase a gauge to test your pressure for the appropriate level, which should be set between 60 and 80 PSI.

  2. Hoses on appliances should be inspected and replaced every 3-5 years to avoid water losses. If you do replace them, consider stainless steel braided hoses or replace them every three years.

  3. Keep water from leaking into the walls or floor of your bathroom by replacing cracked tiles and re-grouting when it's needed.

  4. Examine the shingles on your roof. Worn, curled, or missing shingles allow water to get in, so replace these as soon as you notice them.

  5. Consider buying a water alarm, which can help you find leaks, or automatic shut-off mechanisms, which can help avoid bursts. Some insurance companies also provide discounts. 

  6. A lot of water damage occurs when nobody is home. Make a practice to avoid running the washing machine or dishwasher while you're out.

  7. When you leave for vacations, turn off the water supply to appliances.

Prevent Fires

Fires represent the largest payout of homeowner claims and the number one cause of death inside your home.  

  • The trees of Montana makes our state beautiful.....but dangerous if we don't control fire risk.

  • Embers from a wildfire (heat brands) can travel over a mile so clear debris from your house and/or keep surfaces wet if wildfires are near. 

Fire prevention

Fireworks - be safe and leave it to the professionals

Electrical Safety in the Home

Property Inventory
Useful forms 

Property Inventory Form:

If you suffer a serious loss, the claims process for your personal property will  be so much easier if you have your list completed and even better if you have photographic or video proof.  Keep copies in your safe deposit or even better, place in the cloud or send to yourself in an email.  


To help you out, we are attaching a personal property inventory form.  If you need any additional help or direction, please let us know:



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