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Mar 24, 2018

Total Loss - Split Payment?

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A customer of mine has a claim against another company. Their car is a total loss and they say (I'm waiting for a callback) that the company is offering 80% of the total value now, then the rest when our policyholder returns their rental. Is this normal or is there some kind of misunderstanding here?

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Nov 11

No, it's not normal. Standard practice is that the day the offer is made on the total loss is the last day that the insurance company pays on the rental. If the claimant retains the rental for some reason he pays for the ensuing days himself.

That's not to say that the other driver's liability company can't make up it's own rules in settling the claim. Nothing illegal about what is happening.

Whatever is going on, you client should get it in writing.

Or, he can turn the rental in today and go pick up his check for the full amount.

If he still needs a rental, he'll be on his own, and he can rent another car on his own account.

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