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New Posts
  • utpawspt
    Nov 11

    Hi there, A customer of mine has a claim against another company. Their car is a total loss and they say (I'm waiting for a callback) that the company is offering 80% of the total value now, then the rest when our policyholder returns their rental. Is this normal or is there some kind of misunderstanding here? Any help appriciated I did not find the right solution from the internet. References:- https://insurance-forums.com/community/threads/total-loss-split-payment.93061/ Corporate branding examples Thanks
  • mushiiiweb
    Jun 1, 2017

    Many peopes searching for this what is landload insurance so we are going to share some sources for that: ) https://www.arkwrightinsurance.co.uk/property/landlord-insurance/ http://www.rapidcover.co.uk/landlord-insurance/
  • gsknuffke
    Aug 1, 2018

    Do all companies give the discount and how much are they usually ? Enough to make you commit ?